lørdag 16. juni 2012

Creation Time

Shirt: Check
Suspenders: Check
School free: Checkish
Moped license: Not yet
Have ideas: Check

I'm ready to start using the Creation kit.
I hope to make a update to Saiws this week.

onsdag 21. mars 2012

Sovma (Skyrim)

A mod that i making right now to skyrim is a mod named Sovma. (Temp Name)

The mod i supose to be a player home but its a little adventure first a dewmer cave.

it was not sopose to be realistic (the storage room) but i think it's a way to try to make more enviorments.

Some images will be shown soon.

lørdag 28. januar 2012

Vault 33 is gona be done

the last days i have been working in Vault-33 to make the last cell done,
and a some small fixes.

And i hope it vill be done before the Creation kit comes out.

mandag 2. januar 2012


I have to cancel this project.

The reason for this is because the Skyrim creation kit is coming soon.

I will try to make a Skyrim mod based on Norse mythology

tirsdag 20. desember 2011